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Quora Consulting Ltd are an independent global consultancy, transforming workplace performance through their Work Excellence Platform®, extensive research publications, and award-winning Smartworking Summits.

Having built up a top-tier roster of partners, including BMW, Coca Cola, Cisco, GEC, Hewlett Packard, IBM, Microsoft, Nike, Pearson Group, Unilever and Virgin Group, Quora approached LEAP in need of a website that better reflected their growing profile and prestigious client base of brands.

Mismatches between organisational status and digital presence are common when website design and management are not future-proofed for success. Quora had brilliant content but were reliant on a third party for updates. With someone else pulling the navigational strings, their site looked tired and felt tangled.

We proposed migrating content to a new WordPress site to put Quora in complete control of their own assets. We undertook a UX review, remapping navigation to give users a smoother experience, and created a fresh look and feel for visitor journeys through the site.

We streamlined access to Quora's impressive repository of online knowledge, dropping cumbersome user account registration and enabling user data collection as part of individual publication purchases. A library allows users to browse over 130 research reports, with simple PayPal transactions for downloads, and gives Quora total flexibility to curate the material they offer.

Events are now similarly transparent, with direct booking and legacy links as appropriate, and the site CMS actively encourages cross-linking between news articles, reports and Summit activities. We armed the Quora team with training and tips to help them feel at home managing content and images, and templates in the CMS to maintain site consistency.

The result is a website with a heightened feel of connectivity between its parts, that directs users swiftly to relevant content, but also rewards curiosity and tangential browsing. It reflects Quora's own approach to business perfectly.

Quora's new WordPress website
Quora's new WordPress website
Quora's new WordPress website

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