A brave new brand identity for Morgan Hunt

Morgan Hunt

Since 1994, Morgan Hunt has been a multi-award-winning recruitment agency with offices nationwide. Sourcing talented candidates to work in the Public Sector, and not-for-profit organisations.

Morgan Hunt’s previous visual identity had been the face of the company for over 15 years. In that time the recruitment landscape has seen a lot of change, so LEAP was tasked with modernising Morgan Hunt’s brand to reflect who they are today.

Armed with the results of their brand workshops and client surveys, we established that Morgan Hunt has a very strong purpose. Their ‘Why’ is that they are genuinely committed to having a positive impact on society in the UK. We used this insight as the foundation for our thinking.

The scope of work included a new logo, colour palette, typography, brand imagery, and brandline. We also produced visuals for the new website they had in the planning stage.

Morgan Hunt wanted to completely evolve their existing look; a brave decision that we didn’t take lightly as the current and dominant ‘brand green’ was literally part of the furniture, and even woven into the fabric of the office carpet. As with all our projects, we took a collaborative approach. Our team proposed a range of initial design directions that formed the basis of a client workshop. By working as a client/agency team throughout the process, rather than unveiling the final design work with a big ‘ta-dah’, we were able to make better and more informed design decisions. Collectively we developed work that galvanised, not polarised opinion.

The new modernised logo acknowledges Morgan Hunt’s heritage with a subtle echo of the previous mark. The familiar square symbolises the core values that the organisation was built upon, while outer lines create an arrow that represents growth. Combined with a bold new colour palette, the elements work together to signify progress, innovation, and positive change for Morgan Hunt’s clients, customers and the wider community. We also wanted them to stand out from the competition. The use of dramatic, black and white ‘real’ photography brings home the message that Morgan Hunt are helping talented individuals build meaningful careers that make a positive difference to society. This message is succinctly captured in the new brand line, “Inspiring Working Lives”.

We’re proud to have worked on a project that supports organisational change that goes deeper than giving a business a new lick of paint.

“We were incredibly happy with the outcome of the rebranding project that LEAP supported us with. The new branding accurately communicates what Morgan Hunt as a company is like today, our culture, our promise to our customers and our vision for the future. The boldness and individuality of LEAP's work has helped to position us uniquely within the recruitment sector, as well as re-energise our trusted and heritage-rich brand.”

Josh Moore, Marketing Lead

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