Create the brand for a new craft gin? Oh, go on then.

Marlow Gin

Like many a good idea, it started in a pub as a conversation between two friends. Colin and Nick (co-founders of The Marlow Distillery) were at their local one evening. While deliberating about the choice of gin for their next tipple, they noticed a glaring omission from the top shelf – a local gin – Marlow Gin.

The die was cast.

After drafting a business plan, buying a still, (not blowing it up), and then jumping through all HMRC’s licensing hoops, the guys turned their attention to the brand for their beautifully distilled creation. Enter LEAP.

Our brief was to embody their founding principles of hand-crafted, locally produced gin, made with carefully selected ingredients.

As you can imagine the design team loved this brief and said in unison, “We need to sample the product to really understand the required direction of travel for our creative” Yeah whatever!

After extensive competitor research and a collaborative workshop with Marlow Distillery, a design direction was agreed upon and the first beautiful batch of bottles rolled off the production line (hand-crafted of course). Our designs were inspired by the rowing heritage of Marlow and its iconic suspension bridge. The flagship product uses a hidden label with a sepia photo of Marlow on Thames. The hidden label is a feature that continues on their recently launched ‘No.16 Gin’. This time displaying a striking illustration by a local artist Nicola Metcalfe to surprise and delight drinkers, as well as making each bottle a collectable item.

Colin and Nick were chuffed to bits and despite all the disruption a global pandemic brings, Marlow Gin is going from strength to strength with several new gins already in production.

- They have had orders across the UK, from Edinburgh to Plymouth
- Over 3000 bottles sold and available in 20 locations in and around Marlow
- Three new gins are now in production.

“Working with LEAP has been a pleasure. We are a new company, and LEAP continue to help us work through a brand creation and help us understand how to tie things together. We are really pleased with the results, and continue to work with LEAP to develop out our distinctive brand into new gin flavours.”

Colin Bristow, Co-founder, The Marlow Distillery

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