Making extremely clever and complex tech simple to understand is a UK software business, building the most advanced intelligent no-code automation platform. It enables organisations to fast-track digital transformation, integration and analysis in hours and days instead of weeks and months. And all without a single line of code.

Having developed a great product and offer, Toca needed a website that made it simple to understand, and could convince overstretched businesses it provided a no-fuss solution to streamlining their systems.

Toca’s proposition is the result of some extremely clever and complex software development, but it offers users very straightforward and easy to manage outcomes. We created a message house to ensure that all communications reinforced the latter. Our challenge was to give non–digital-savvy clients, often facing a double whammy of systems overload and tech phobia, a quick grasp of the practical benefits of the Toca platform, and reassure them that implementation wouldn’t give them headaches.

Competitor analysis and keyword research allowed us to find a unique path for Toca’s site design, foregrounding their flexible, short-licensed approach and a ‘challenge us’ invitation for potential clients. We created an engaging explainer video, with relatable, real-world examples of dramatic systems transformation. Sitting right at the front of the website it gives a clear overview of what Toca can do for any business, in any sector.

It was important that our site design reflected the qualities of the Toca platform: simple in use, high in impact. And Toca’s proof of concept challenge extended to the site build itself, which used their own bespoke drag and drop software. Working alongside the Toca team, their passion for automating systems was clear to see. We spread this infectious enthusiasm across every element of the site, to give it life and personality and inspire all visitors, whether they are up to speed with the latest RPA and EAF developments, or don’t know their AI from their elbow.

"Working with LEAP on our website redesign and explainer video was a smooth process from start to finish. Our brief was a bit unusual because we wanted them to build the website using Toca - our own no-code platform. We were really impressed by the amount of time invested by Roger, David, Taylor and the team to get up to speed with our technology, they were very hands-on. LEAP also quickly got to grips with our proposition, and the challenges our customers and prospects face, creating a clear, concise message house which really captures our story and helps bring it to life."

Mat Rule, CEO Explainer Video

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