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What is it like to work for LEAP Chichester?

By Hannah Carrington

I am a member of the team here at LEAP, where I am lucky enough to be doing a Degree Apprenticeship in Digital Marketing at The University of Chichester. Being able to work in the creative and digital industry, whilst learning and gaining experience, gives me the opportunity to build confidence and develop – not only professionally, but personally as well.

When I started at LEAP, it was evident that everyone really enjoyed working here, so I was very interested to find out what it was about the place that people love. Talking to the team, here is what I discovered…


Kelly Newton, Project Manager
4 years at LEAP

I love having the opportunity to work with highly creative designers, extremely technically minded developers and a client services team who truly place the client at the forefront of their daily activities. We are a very close knit team who enjoy a laugh and good sociable banter, whilst supporting one another on a daily basis.


Anthony Boyle, Creative Designer
7 years at LEAP

There is always a chilled atmosphere in the office, even when the pressure is on. A helpful environment where questions are always encouraged and answered. The opportunity to work with a range of clients which keeps the work fresh and interesting. It also keeps me learning and developing my skills in areas that I did not foresee. On a personal note, LEAP have trust in my own abilities and are willing to challenge me, which is a great motivator.


Roger Cayless, Creative Director
10 years at LEAP

I love the fact that we’re actively recruiting people who are early in their career. I’m so impressed with how switched-on and professional this young talent is – in this industry, it’s so important to be open to fresh ideas and keep adapting.


Sara MacGregor, Client Services Director
6 years at LEAP

I have the freedom to innovate and implement new ideas and processes straightaway to make our working environment and business better – no red tape or hoops to jump through. As a working mum, I also feel very grateful for the balance of working from home and then in our office in Chichester. I love coming into the office and spending time with the team, and being in the centre of the high street I get my lunchtime shopping fix!  There are also some amazing coffee shops and restaurants here too.


Dave Kimmer, Managing Director
16 years at LEAP

The genuine appreciation of working with a great team of talented individuals who care about the work, the clients, and each other. Having founded the business in 2004, I’ve had the pleasure of building the company into a successful and respected agency where people enjoy coming to work for the challenges and rewards it brings.

working at LEAP Chichester


Nick Morley, Digital Consultant
7 years at LEAP

Working with like-minded people, who focus on getting the job done, and done well, in a relaxed environment that flexes and adapts to meet the needs of our clients. Everything you need to deliver great work!

working at LEAP Chichester


Laura Girling, Account Manager
2 years at LEAP

In my previous role in marketing, I had to work with a lot of agencies and usually found them to be overpriced, immovable, and not particularly helpful. However, when I started in the client services team I realised very quickly that, that wasn’t the case at LEAP. We pride ourselves on our customer service being second to none and I love getting feedback from clients who love what we have delivered both creatively and personally. Joining a great team has not only heightened my professional knowledge and pushed me further than ever before, but also provided me with some personal highlights too. I feel like I really started to realise my potential when I started here and I’ve only just scraped the surface.

working at LEAP Chichester


Taylor Setterfield, Account Executive
1 year at LEAP

Honestly? I couldn’t be any happier than I am working at LEAP Chichester. I’m currently on an apprenticeship scheme here, but I’ve grown so much in just the past year – professionally, academically, and even personally. LEAP has helped me to realise how much potential I have and they give me responsibility, which in turn motivates me to achieve more. The working environment is a big plus too; at the moment due to COVID, we get to choose if we want to work from home or in the office, but they’ve made both options as productive as possible by offering us further support if needed. They also value me as a person – I’m not just a cost to the business, I’m seen as an asset and they believe in me even when I don’t believe in myself. They’ve helped me to flourish into the individual I am today and goodness knows where I’d be without them. Everybody needs a company like LEAP in their lives.

working at LEAP Chichester


And in my opinion?

I can see why people love working here. For me, I love the people I work with, they are the most hardworking, dedicated, and friendly group of people, who nurture and support me every step of the way. I am constantly encouraged to challenge myself with unfamiliar tasks, consequently learning something new every day. There is always something to laugh about in the office, and every day I wake up excited to see what the day ahead has to bring. I feel very privileged to be starting my career in a company like LEAP Chichester, and would encourage everyone to find a company that values you just as much as you value them – and I’ve found it here!

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