Untapping the potential of customer control.

The outline.

SES Water supplies clean water to customers across 322 square miles of Surrey, Kent and South London, maintaining 2000 miles of water mains, eight treatment works, 23 pumping stations and 31 reservoirs and water towers.

We built an online self-service portal that enabled SES Water customers to manage their accounts easily, and reduce the number of calls to the company’s call centre.

The challenge.

Customers waiting on hold for call center assistance are not usually happy customers. SES Water wanted to improve their service by making it easy for people to manage their account, submit meter readings and make payments, without needing to put in a call for assistance.

Using designs shaped by SES Water’s brand identity we needed to build a new MyAccount portal that was intuitive, secure, easy to navigate and reassuring to less technically able customers.

The solution.

Our bespoke MyAccount solution used an open source Laravel framework with third party integrations. In non-tech terms, this meant a secure base with plenty of flexibility for the different actions customers might want to complete.

We built in two levels of engagement to encourage as many people as possible to use the portal. Customers can choose to register and manage all aspects of their SES Water account: viewing bills and payments; submitting meter readings; making payments; setting up direct debits; and getting updates on water consumption or supply issues in their area.

For customers not wishing to register, a customer authentication feature means that essential account activities like submitting readings, making payments and arranging direct debits, can still be completed.

Having designed the portal to work for all SES Water customers, we then helped get word out, supporting the MyAccount launch with engaging HTML designed emails. A dedicated landing page, with FAQs, was also created to help people get set up and make full use of the new service.

The results.

The MyAccount portal was a complex build and a great showcase for our collaborative approach. Working closely with Capita for payment integrations, and DigDat to deliver supply data, enabled a seamless account management experience, while built-in portal support reduced call centre reliance significantly. Less queuing and quicker access to services means a more efficient SES Water experience and happier SES Water customers.