Communicating Inclusivity with CGI UK – No Holding Back.

The outline.

CGI UK is a leading global IT and business consulting services firm with a strong diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) policy. They believe that every individual should feel safe, feel a sense of belonging, and be empowered to achieve their full potential. Having a diverse workforce with different perspectives brings huge advantages. As an organisation, they recognise the importance of DE&I, which is vital. Although internal communication of their DE&I approach was good, the CGI team recognised a gap in external communications.

The challenge.

CGI was already unconditionally inclusive, but their message wasn’t coming across loud and clear to potential candidates. Our challenge was to help position CGI as an inclusive employer to potential candidates through strategic storytelling. Our research discovered that the demand for tech jobs was 42% higher in June 2021 than at the same time in 2019 (Tech Nation’s Jobs and Skills Report 2021). The need to appeal to every individual with talent in the competitive technology sector had never been greater.

The solution.

The team developed a creative concept focusing on the inner thoughts individuals may have that hinder their sense of belonging and inclusivity in the workplace. Actual CGI employees and real experiences were used. Crafting stories around each individual’s concerns was crucial in portraying the support they received from CGI. The solution presents CGI as the empathetic organisation it truly is. Although the stories were personal, their emotional effect resonated with wider groups. The scripts for the video used participants’ own words and voices to ensure authenticity.

The Result.

The campaign’s aim was to position CGI as an organisation where everyone belongs, and the assets created included videos, a landing page and social media assets. The video production team used a POV (point of view) style video shoot to demonstrate authenticity.

The result was a compelling DE&I campaign that authentically portrayed CGI’s commitment to inclusivity, which showcased the diverse voices within CGI.

The campaign achieved:

Organic Social:
↑6970% increase on CGI’s average likes
↑2185% increase on CGI’s average reposts

Paid Social:
↑3 x CTR increase against benchmark for attracting interest
↑4 x CTR increase against benchmark for conversion


↑888% increase in users
↑178% increase in landing page engagement