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The challenges of in-house employer branding professionals: Insights from the EB Meet-up Round 4

Sara MacGregor
13 February, 2024


Greetings from our fourth EB Meet-up at the LEAP office in London! A delightful gathering of 18 enthusiasts, fueled by pizza, drinks, and an engaging panel featuring industry experts @tompearce, @simonrutter, and the last-minute hero @katesiddiqui, stepping in for @vickisaunders (who, unfortunately, took an unexpected tumble down the stairs). The panel dished out wisdom on various employer branding aspects for in-house teams and ignited some insightful discussions. Let’s dive into the key takeaways.

Building Bridges: Collaborating with Internal Teams

The lonely road of employer branding was a hot topic. With many organisations lacking dedicated employer branding roles, the importance of teaming up with internal comms and marketing teams became evident. Expressing vulnerability, understanding their strategies, and fostering a mutually beneficial relationship were emphasised. The key? Showcase how collaboration can bring value to everyone involved.

Employee Advocacy: Keeping it Real

Tom Pearce, Recruitment Attraction Manager at John Lewis, stressed the power of putting people at the heart of your employer brand. His method? Inviting employees to share their stories authentically, be it through quotes, articles, photos, or videos. The advice for coaxing stories out of shy contributors? Understand your audience, focus on passionate individuals, and let authenticity reign. Hungry for more? Listen in to our podcast episode with Tom where we go more in depth. Listen to Tom Pearce on the LEAP Listens podcast –Transforming an employer brand: A journey of purpose, identity, and partnership 

Fostering Creativity Through Workforce Initiatives

To extract creativity from the workforce, the advice was simple: embrace imperfect videos for authenticity, create a dedicated LinkedIn page for sharing stories, tap into psychology with incentives, and highlight influencers comfortable with social media. Using themes and milestones also proved effective in generating content.

Who Should Control Employer Brand?

The consensus: control is an illusion, but influence is real. The suggestion was to collaborate with passionate individuals across all levels and departments, recognising everyone’s role in shaping the employer brand. Instead of overthinking, act now and seek forgiveness later—Tom Pearce’s motto that resonates.

Measuring Employer Brand Success

Kate Siddiqui’s tiered metric approach emphasised brand awareness, engagement, and recall as the top priorities. The advice? Understand your organisation’s strengths, be authentic, and use exit interviews to improve, not just validate. Remember, what may be a weakness could be your unique strength.

Creative Solutions on a Shoestring

When resources and artwork time are scarce, the consensus leaned toward self-service tools like Canva. Embrace adaptability and make use of platforms that allow employees to create their own content.

LinkedIn Life Pages: Hit or Miss?

While LinkedIn pages can drive traffic, some found that people prefer main social pages. The key is to adapt to your audience’s preferences.

Skipping the EVP Buzz: A Lonely Freedom

For some, steering clear of the EVP (Employee Value Proposition) buzzword meant a smoother ride. This decision, however, raised challenges in brand measurement. The consensus? It’s a lonely role in Talent Acquisition but offers more freedom. Tune in to our podcast featuring Vicki Saunders, the expert on EVPs, and discover if they’re the right fit for your business. Listen to Vicki Saunders on the LEAP Listens podcast – Building a business case for an EVP

Looking Ahead to 2024: The Skills-Based World

The future of employer branding is anticipated to revolve around adapting to a skills-based, transactional landscape. The challenge lies in selling a company and vision in a world where people seek roles rather than careers.

Glassdoor Score Boost: Culture is Key

Improving your Glassdoor score starts with improving culture. Transparency in your EVP and employer brand, along with responding to reviews, is crucial. Leaders need to pay attention, subtly communicate the company’s attributes, and use Glassdoor as a tool for improvement.


In the ever-evolving world of employer branding, collaboration, authenticity, and adaptability are the keys to success. As we look ahead to 2024, the challenge is clear: how do we apply employer brand strategies in a skills-based, transactional world? The journey continues, filled with opportunities to shape compelling narratives and connect with talent in meaningful ways.

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