Meeting uncertainty with action and positivity

By Roger Cayless

How can we support you during this time?

The current situation can feel completely overwhelming. Every aspect of life as we previously knew it is now being viewed through the lens of something that just a few months ago, I had not even heard of. Our work, mood, mobility, health service, shopping habits, finances, education, news and relationships are all being impacted, and no one has the answers to the questions we really want to know.

With so much uncertainty, what are we doing at LEAP to take positive action and regain a sense of control over the things we can influence?

Firstly, the health and well-being of our LEAPers is paramount and important to retaining business continuity for ourselves and our clients, so we are following all the expert advice around how we work. Fortunately, as a digital business, this is something we are a set up for and although we all prefer to be together in the office, virtual working is already a significant part of our operation and systems.

We’re keeping our routines, having a morning all-team video call on Slack, and we’re encouraging everyone to structure their day and ensure people still take breaks and get exercise.

For our clients, we’re contacting them personally and asking how we can assist them at this very challenging time to help them maintain their business continuity. So, for any creative services, campaign management, digital marketing, translation, video content creation and post-production, retouching, design, pre-vis, print production and management requirements, we remain open for business and ready to help.

When this storm does pass, we want to look back and know we took positive actions and used an unprecedented and negative situation to make more meaningful connections with people.

Stay safe and take care

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