Meet Stella | A new initiative to encourage the next generation of women into STEM from CGI

By Hannah Carrington

If you’ve ever wondered why there are so few women within the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) industries, you are not alone.

For CGI, the best way to change this outlook in the future was to take a step back into the past.

And having worked closely with CGI Women’s Network, we knew how passionate and determined they were to encourage female candidates to apply for roles at CGI.

Encouraging women into STEM

Last year we worked with one of CGI’s graduates, Abbie, to design and develop a brochure aimed to inspire school leavers and graduates to be involved in STEM as a career option which included highlighting well-known, and not so well-known, women in STEM.

From the physicist, Marie Curie to the mathematician Julia Robinson, showcasing the achievements of these pioneering women became a great way to reach out to the next generation.

Encouraging women into STEM

However, this year, CGI took things even further and created an exciting and interactive approach to educating and encouraging girls to see STEM from a whole new angle.

And here’s how it was done…

Getting girls into STEM

Thanks to our already established relationship with CGI we continued to collaborate on this important initiative in order to reach out to their target audience of young girls.

Alex and Esther, two students on the CGI Industrial Placement Programme, wanted to build on Abbie’s 2019 initiative and the end result was the design and production of two interactive activity packs aimed at girls aged from 5-8 and 8-12 years.

Bringing these booklets to life, and ensuring they were fun as well as educational, was key. It was important for girls to not only learn about the ground-breaking women of the past but also to identify with a contemporary character that speaks to them and symbolizes the future.     

And, after a careful creative process between CGI and our illustration team, Stella was born!

Stella the scientist – initial sketch.

Stella – short for Interstellar – appears throughout the booklets in six different guises. Wearing her CGI branded t-shirt she explores the fields of science, technology, engineering and maths as well as introducing a new generation of girls to the pioneering woman of the past.

From initial ideas and sketches to bold colours and contemporary animation, we created a character that was easily identifiable to the young target age group.

Encouraging women into STEM

Once Stella had been brought to life, it was time to fine-tune the content. CGI provided the foundations, we then built and developed their content further, to ensure the tone of voice and style was consistent with both the brand and the main aim of the booklets – getting girls interested in STEM.

Stella takes off!

The next step for CGI was to get the activity packs in front of young girls.

We have produced hundreds of printed booklets which were distributed to schools in the UK, and a digital version was also made available for interactive online learning.

CGI has also been launching a social media campaign to coincide with half-term.

It’s an exciting time to see Stella starting her journey through the stratosphere and into schools.

Stella has been very well received and the next generation of female scientists, mathematicians, engineers, and technology experts are already benefiting from CGI’s brilliant booklet.

Looking to the future

By understanding CGI’s drive to encourage girls to sign up for STEM, we have been able to help them create a product that we are both very proud of.

You can download both of the Stella STEM brochures on the CGI website.  

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