Looking back, looking forward

By Taylor Setterfield

It's been a busy year here at LEAP Chichester, so we thought we'd take a moment to reflect on some of the things we've been up to and share our best bits with you. And while a picture paints a thousand words, ours have captions too. So that's more like a thousand and twenty. Don't say we don't spoil you.

With over 80% of companies planning a spending increase in digital marketing next year*, hitting the right channel with the right product and message has never been more important.

* Source: Digital Dive

We're here to help you navigate the digital minefield and make sure every penny you spend has a real impact. Here's what this year looked like for us. We hope you'll help us make next year even better.

We made ourselves at home in our new offices in the heart of Chichester.

With the kettle plugged in, a steady stream of biscuits on tap and a pool table installed, we've got the perfect environment to keep our creative juices flowing.

And while we were nesting here on the south coast, the London team moved to a new home in Clerkenwell's creative corner, with a brand-new post-production studio fittingly located on the site of the Shakespearean-era Red Bull playhouse. Big shoes to fill…

Our varied roster of partners has seen photoshoots around the world from Berlin to Texas. Here's Roger in Minneapolis, home to legendary footwear company RedWing Shoes.

See if you can spot his cameo in the Employer Branding video we created for the RedWing team.

We put together enough new identities to fill a witness protection scheme. Although, our branding brings companies out of hiding. We crafted new faces to fit the ambitions of clients across a surprising range of sectors – recruitment, property, gin…

And, of course, we delivered some awesome websites.

Including our own.

We always look for new ways to stretch ourselves, so we took time out to become cats, cows and warriors (It's a yoga thing).

The copywriting team have been shaping message maps and brochures to give our clients the right words for their communications.

And our design team have worked their magic to make everything beautiful to look at and intuitive to read, from reports and emails, to animated gifs and banner displays.

We let ourselves loose in the community, scoring a local radio contest triumph and enjoying team night outs in pubs and palaces. Not to mention the time we took a break from working in a room together by locking ourselves in a room together…

We've an exciting pipeline of projects in the year ahead we can't wait to get our teeth into. We look forward to partnering with current clients, reconnecting with those of you who've worked with us before and finding the new inspiration that new customers always bring us.

If you've got a digital itch to scratch, whether it's a simple tweak or a full-blown brand overhaul, get in touch. 2020 is a leap year, but we'd love it to be a LEAP year for you. Get in contact with us today.

Our door is always open.

Let's talk.

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