If your recruitment messaging is feeling a little lost, a Message Map could be the answer

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Keeping everyone on the same page with your messaging is much easier if the page is one they can easily turn to. That’s why more and more companies are turning to Message Maps to help them navigate their recruitment communications.

In the hands of seasoned HR professionals and marketers, a well thought out employer value proposition (EVP) and brand guide allow company values and messaging to be woven through the full range of external and internal communications. But not everyone is a gifted wordsmith. The challenge of translating the feel of an EVP into everyday documents, from job descriptions to briefings, can be daunting – especially if the teams you rely on for information are more into coding than comms.

Find your direction

A Message Map does a lot of the heavy lifting for you. It gives you a ready to go portfolio of engaging headlines, templates, talking points, copy starters, boilerplates and social media posts – everything you need to engage effectively at each point of the recruitment cycle. And better still, all the messaging is crafted to reflect the key components that make your brand unique, from your values and mission to your existing brandlines and copy assets.

Increasingly, people are expecting a more personalised candidate experience. A successful Message Map gives you the voice you need to tailor and orientate your recruitment messaging from the start. The Maps we have created for CGI and Santander are each focussed on an individual department or specialism. It’s a great way of giving you the flexibility you need to speak directly to different audiences without worrying about whether you’re diluting the consistency of your messaging.

Check your current communications

A glance through your recent job descriptions or social media posts will give you an immediate sense of how useful this messaging compass can be. If you find yourself looking at a tangle of competing boilerplates and layouts, ads with either a thesis of technical detail or a lonely line of dull generic copy, social media posts with in-jokes best kept inside… well, you can take some comfort from knowing that the experience is a pretty common one.

The good news is there’s really no need to pull up trees in order to get a better view through this particular forest. A Message Map gives everyone a clear path to follow. And if you want to take a detour or a short cut, we include plenty of hints, tips and inspiration to help your teams use the Map.

All you need to do is make sure that the Map is the one place that everyone knows to turn to for direction in their recruitment communications.

Enjoy the journey

Our Message Maps are delivered either as tabulated workbooks or fully designed brochures, with both generic messaging and job-specific copy, covering attraction, recruitment and retention. They’re ready for your team to cut and paste or to use as a starting point in curating their own communications.

Your own Map will only be as prescriptive as you want it to be. However you choose to use it, it will help you achieve messaging consistency and quality. And, like any map worth its salt, it will save you a lot of time and effort in reaching your destination.

If your recruitment messaging is feeling a little lost or confused, we’d love to help steer you in the right direction with your own bespoke Message Map. Why not get in touch and we can start plotting a new route for your communications.

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